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CCC Member Awards

Happy Birthday Medal
You get this on your Birthday! 58plym, ArtfanMan, Ben, BigM, CarObsessedGirl83, Christine_Movie_Car, ChristineArnielover, Christinefury, Christinejuggalo, chuck1978us, cooter, CQB241, DarkDemonWithin, Dax_Riggs, delboy, diecastdeluxe, Dodgegal67, EVA_392, EVIL_RED, EvilPlymouth, Evilstretch, FLRUSS, FURY, Fury_58, FuryJim, JAG, Jason, mikelaukjr, okshowme, ozoner, plaza58, RaskyR1, rumley3060e, Safari_Inc, skramer, THEYOUNGGUN, Tuffshift
Movie Clone Accuracy Award
christineuk, THEYOUNGGUN
CCC Post Content Award
318fins, 57Kelii, 58plym, 58subburbanute, ArtfanMan, Ben, BigM, Car_Junky2000, CarObsessedGirl83, Christinefury, CQB241, DarkDemonWithin, Edson-Web1, EvilPlymouth, Evilstretch, JAG, Jason, Plymouth57, THEYOUNGGUN, Thundertruck
Crem De La Crem Award
For Excellence in Factory Originality christineuk, FURY, Jason
CCC Member Of the Year 2009
For recipients of the CCC Member Of the Year Award 58plym
Club Contribution Award
For forum/post contributions that enrich the CCC 318fins, 57Kelii, 58freak, 58plym, 58subburbanute, ArtfanMan, Ben, BigM, Bloodhound1958, Car_Junky2000, ChristineArnielover, Christinefury, christineuk, CQB241, Dax_Riggs, Evilstretch, Jason, okshowme, rumley3060e, Thundertruck
CCC Customization Award
Awarded for excellence in Customization! 58plym, Ben, Car_Junky2000, FuryV800, Tuffshift
2009 Fund Raiser Contributor
CCC 2009 Fundraiser Contributor 58plym, alumcantandthd, BigM, Bloodhound1958, Car_Junky2000, cdasho, Christine_Movie_Car, Christine_Stunt_Car, chuck1978us, CQB241, DarnellsAutoWrecking, EVIL_RED, EvilPlymouth, ForwardLook, FuryJim, Knighty, munja, RedPhenix
CCC Perseverence Award
For outstanding dedication and resolve in overcoming hardship with one's restoration and/or car 318fins, Arnie, Bloodhound1958, Car_Junky2000, Christine_Movie_Car, DarkDemonWithin, EVA_392, Jason
Religious Dedication Award
For one's open proclamation and emulation of the goodwill of their religious faith 58plym, Evilstretch, harmoniken57, Thundertruck
CCC Achievment Award!
For members who have made special contributions and gone out of their way to give back to the club and it's members by way of tech help, art and design, and assistance! 58plym, ArtfanMan, Bloodhound1958, CarObsessedGirl83, Evilstretch, Jason
Better Business Award
For Vendors who have demonstrated integrity and honesty in doing business with members of the CCC. Positive vendor feedback required. 318fins, BigM, EvilPlymouth, rumley3060e
5 Star General's Award
For receipeints of 5 or more medals! ArtfanMan, Ben, BigM, Bloodhound1958, Car_Junky2000, EvilPlymouth, Evilstretch, Jason, Thundertruck
Darnell Turd Polishers Award
For proving that one can indeed polish a turd 58plym, alumcantandthd, ArtfanMan, Ben, christineuk, cooter, Jason
Liberator Of The CCC 2008
For the Veterans of the Great Patriotic CCC Liberation Of 2008 Bloodhound1958, Christine_Movie_Car, Christine_Stunt_Car, Furyous_J, Thundertruck
Medal Mania Medal
For awarding the most medals in one day ever! 58plym
Attendance Blowout 2010
Contestant in CCC Blowout Giveaway 2010 58Frank, 58plym, Belvedere, Ben, Bloodhound1958, Car_Junky2000, ChristineArnielover, christineuk, chubbly1, DarkDemonWithin, Edson-Web1, EVIL_RED, FuryJim, harmoniken57, Hemi_Play, jtalbott, okshowme, pachristine241, parallax_ca, Plymouth1991, rhodeswayne55, Thundertruck
CCC Member Of The Year 2010
CCC Member Of The Year 2010 Car_Junky2000
Aussie Victory Medal
For The CCC Aussie Brothers 58plym, BigM, Bloodhound1958, Car_Junky2000, Christine_Movie_Car, Christine_Stunt_Car, EvilPlymouth, Thundertruck
6 Star Generals Award
6000 or more posts! 58plym
Knights Royal Order Of The CCC
Royal Denotation By Knights Order Medal Not Issued

CCC Member Insignias

Big Block
Big Block Owner 58furyman, 58plym, Arnie, Bloodhound1958, Car_Junky2000, Christine_Movie_Car, christineuk, DarnellsAutoWrecking, EvilPlymouth, FuryJim, rumley3060e, Thundertruck, Tuffshift
Poly 318
58freak, BigM, cdasho, Christine_Stunt_Car, FURY, fury58fever, harmoniken57, morris, okshowme, PlymouthFury
Poly 301
Ghostcruiser, Jason, RedPhenix
230ci straight six cyl
chadcherry13, christineuk
Royal Order Of The CCC
Bloodhound1958, EvilPlymouth